What Compensation Will I Receive from my Accident?

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What compensation will I receive if I’m in a car or motorcycle accident?

If you get into a car or motorcycle accident, you can expect to receive two different kinds of damages. The first is Special Damages. These are hard costs that are directly related to the accident — such as lost earnings from missing work and medical bills.

The second kind of damages are General Damages. These include things that DON’T have a fixed cost. The best example is receiving compensation for “pain and suffering.” Another example would be the inconvenience of having to go to doctor’s appointments and rent a car if there was significant damage to your vehicle. It can be difficult to navigate these waters without proper representation. Insurance companies know whether or not you have a lawyer and will try to take advantage of you if you don’t. Make sure you have an experienced attorney on your side and receive the compensation from your accident that you deserve.

If you’re in an accident, make sure you take all the right steps. Even one mistake could cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

For a complete list of accident-related insurance questions, the California Department of Insurance is a great resource.

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